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  • STPs

    Direct Transaction Processing Model, Liquidation of International Famous Investment Banks

  • rapid

    Deal with more than 2000 price changes in one second, and give customers the best quotation in milliseconds.

  • transparent

    Customers and platform businessmen work together, zero background intervention, bank confirmation transaction information can provide customers

  • depth

    Ensure that customers still enjoy the best trading experience in the big market and maintain the highest speed of trading

High Speed and Stability of Trading Platform

MT4 platform is a recognized trading platform for global financial service providers. Its convenient, stable and flexible intelligent system is favored by the market. The 24-hour foreign exchange market covers technical analysis, which is the most extensive source of technical analysis information in the world. You can get the ultimate solution of online trading, technical analysis and intelligent trading through MT4 platform, as well as all the support that can help you improve your trading level.

Convenient access

We will provide a secure multi-currency payment channel. If successful transaction, your funds will enter the account within 24 hours, transfer online within 5 days and 24 hours, and the micro-deposit of international wire transfer will be deposited in the bank trust account. We also offer third party payment methods such as WeChat and Alipay.

24-hour online customer service

GSHK provides all-round 24-hour customer service to effectively and timely solve all kinds of problems such as opening accounts, deposits, withdrawals, transactions, technical support and so on. Customers can get the most effective help quickly through online customer service, enterprise QQ or customer service telephone. GSHK is committed to sincere and professional customer service, to bring you Star Trading experience.

International Level Analysts Team

GSHK is dedicated to providing customers with fair, comprehensive and objective market analysis reports, and has a professional financial analysis team. These reports cover basic and technical analysis, global economic profile analysis and replay of major economic events.

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GSHK (hereinafter referred to as & quot; GSHK & quot;) provides investors with more than 200 foreign exchange and other financial derivatives, including foreign exchange, spot and futures, stock index, stock, ETF, bonds and traditional options. At the same time, it provides three major trading software platforms, realizes one-stop trading, MT4 trading platform which is suitable for PC, mobile and STP-ECN mode, strong interactive CRM system, and market-leading education and training, etc. to meet the investment needs of various traders. In addition, GSHK provides a variety of trading aids to help investors improve their ability to win over the market.