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IOS System Trading Platform

 The MT4 platform is the most popular trading platform and is loved by global traders. It can be used quickly on tools with IOS systems.

Meta Trader 4 provides mobile-end users with full-featured forex trading, technical analysis (including 30 technical indicators) and account control at any time and around the world. Through our mobile platform, traders can enter the financial market from currency transactions anywhere.

Features and functions

  • Instant tradable price for all products

  • Start/close orders, place orders, and modify order types

  • Advanced chart

  • View and manage open positions, net worth and profit and loss

  • Get all trading history

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GSHK (hereinafter referred to as & quot; GSHK & quot;) provides investors with more than 200 foreign exchange and other financial derivatives, including foreign exchange, spot and futures, stock index, stock, ETF, bonds and traditional options. At the same time, it provides three major trading software platforms, realizes one-stop trading, MT4 trading platform which is suitable for PC, mobile and STP-ECN mode, strong interactive CRM system, and market-leading education and training, etc. to meet the investment needs of various traders. In addition, GSHK provides a variety of trading aids to help investors improve their ability to win over the market.